Children's Art Gallery-awards-donation

Donation to the Children’s Art Gallery of Greece

On October 20, 2018, Liofyllo was the sponsor of the awards at the “1st Children’s Painting Olympiad 2018-2019”. For the first time in the history of contemporary Greece, Children’s Art Gallery of Greece organizes the “Children’s Painting Olympiad”. (

Young artists from around the world were called upon to create works that embrace the history of Greece. Children were taught about Greek heroic achievements as well as universal human values.

Liofyllo designed and donated to the young artists the glorious “Kotinos” that the Olympians received in antiquity. It also donated a big olive wreath and a painting with the logo of the Children’s Art Gallery. Liofyllo is a startup distinguished for its sensitivity to the new generation and the promotion of culture and art in Greece. Furthermore, children play a pivotal role in the social capital and art is the key in developing imagination, creativity, and skills.