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TEDx Patras 2019 “Uncertainty”

On December 7th 2019, Liofyllo as a community partner with TEDx Patras team was pleased to present a workshop designed exclusively for the event. The be-all of the game was the olive tree – Liofyllo’s symbol. The players, after being divided into groups, took on four roles; namely, a farmer, an entrepreneur, a consumer and… that of Uncertainty! In line with innovative practices for the use, processing and alteration of olive products, the aim of the game was for the players to identify with their roles and develop a corresponding way of thinking and acting. At the end of the game, each of the groups presented a comprehensive proposal for the productive chain associated with the olive tree per se from the field to the landfill. Liofyllo endeavored to nurture “green skills” among the participants regarding the circular economy.

Liofyllo was also the sponsor of the commemorative gifts received by the speakers of TEDx Patras 2019, donating premium art design pieces, thereby seeking to showcase the innovation of the local ecosystem as well as the uniqueness of its products.

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