On the 20th of October 2018 Liofyllo was one of the sponsors at the ceremony of the 1st Olympiad of Children’s Painting, which took place at the Zappeion Palace. For the first time in the history of contemporary Greece, Children’s Art Gallery establishes the institution: “Children’s Painting Olympiad” at a national and international level by organizing “the first Children’s Painting Olympiad 2018-2019.” Young artists were invited all over the world to create works that embrace the history of our country while at the same time the kids were taught about its heroic achievements as well as universal human values.

The award winners received the glorious “Kotinos” that was created and donated by the Start-up Liofyllo. Also, the latter donated a work of art (a big olive wreath) and a painting with the logo of the Children’s Art Gallery of Greece.

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