The co-founder of Liofyllo, Alexandra Makrygeorgou, participated as a key speaker in the local event “EcoStep Youth «From Upcycling to Social Entrepreneurship” which was organized by InterMediaKT in Patras, Greece.

Europe faces a double challenge: Environmental: waste generation, depletion of resources, record ecological footprint. The population is over-consuming and there is a lack of awareness of waste prevention as well as the benefits of re-using bulky waste and waste materials resulting from economic activity.

Social: economic crisis, increasing unemployment, increasingly marked inequalities with some young people at risk of exclusion. These young people are searching for meaning and have fewer opportunities for a social, civic or a professional education. They live in a «throwaway» society paradoxically based on over-consumption which gives them a false idea of “abundance”. Facing these challenges, we must come up with activities and projects with the aim of instilling values in young people. This can be done within the framework of the social economy.

Awareness can be raised through innovative pedagogical paths to change consumption patterns and to involve young people in this new approach. There is a strong demand from educators in specialized institutions to offer young people in difficulty a valuable and innovative pedagogical program, enabling them to regain self confidence, open to the world and broaden their career prospects. ECOSTEP YOUTH provides concrete and innovative solutions through attractive and participatory educational actions, with an environmental objective.

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