Novel Material


Liofyllo collects and processes the untapped olive leaves to create an innovative material and products of both general and special use. It is the only company on a global scale that uses olive leaves in this way. This novel material, with its enormous applications, versatility and potential for product development, is used to produce the Welia and Marelia panels. These pieces are the basis of Liofyllo’s distinctive creations.

Welia Panel: For this panel there is a special sorting process. In particular, the leaves are arranged in such a way as to advance the material’s resilience. Welia is designed in such a way as to enable one to see and feel Nature! The panel is used by Liofyllo to decorate wooden boxes of premium packaging (boxes), thereby adding value to green-and not only- products!

Marelia Panel: It is made of all forms of olive leaves either mixed together or of a single type. The various shades of color come naturally from the olive tree palette.

Production is currently at pilot stage. Liofyllo seeks support with the hope of acquiring its own integrated panel production plant thereby maximizing environmental impact! (support us)

The products are customized for those who adore creativity as Liofyllo is the only company that has the right to use this international patent. They exude nature in any possible space! The creations are designed by a team known for its incompatible commitment to quality!


August 16, 2016


innovation, New material, patent

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