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Social & Environmental Impact

The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 goals regarding prospective international development. They were introduced by the United Nations in 2015 and have been identified as the global goals for sustainable development. Liofyllo incorporates and materializes 7 goals of this set through the following actions to maximize the social & environmental impact:

Achievement of gender parity and empowerment of women

Liofyllo consists of five women and the diversity in their academic and experience backgrounds can spur innovation. The various soft and hard skills of each female - member are inevitably conducive to the company's rapid growth.

Flexible infrastructures, sustainable industrialization and innovation

Through lab work, the inventors of the material came up with a viable solution; thus nurturing green industry development and having strong environmental impact. Ongoing Research and Development creates the proper conditions for expansion into more industrial areas. Their intention is the replacement of the non-environmentally friendly materials.

Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns

To ensure that future generations can meet their basic needs, humanity should manage the natural resources and adopt the principles of circular economy. Liofyllo's team is in perfect harmony with these principles. Some of the panels are destroyed during the production process, so, the team re-use them as raw material to create unique pieces of art and decoration.

Sustainable forest management, combating desertification, preventing and reversing soil degradation, halting biodiversity loss

Welia panel is an alternative to existing wood-based panels. The primary objective of the team is to minimize deforestation. An important parameter in this effort is the utilization of the olive wood, which until now has exclusively been used as solid fuel.

empowerment of female entrepreneurship, social impact
social & environmental impact, social and solidarity economy
green industry - environmental impact
waste management - green cities, social & environmental impact
circular economy - sustainability, social & environmental impact
social & environmental impact
social & environmental impact
social & environmental impact
Promoting sustainable, inclusive growth, employment and decent work for all

The legal form of Liofyllo supports social and solidarity economy. Its members have equal conditions for managing and developing finances and human resources.

Make Cities Smart, Secure, Alternative and Sustainable

The ecosystem of cities should be a fertile ground for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity and social development. By recycling olive leaf biomass, Liofyllo actively involves itself with saving human and financial resources spent on waste management.

Urgent action to combat climate change and its repercussions

The participation in conventions, workshops and social actions regarding upcycling as well as youth and startup entrepreneurship aims to awaken ecological awareness and familiarity of young people with green, social and female entrepreneurship. In addition, the donations of products to NGOs and organizations create an experiential process in climate action by presenting an alternative way of choosing special gifts, souvenirs and awards.


Rule number one for the Liofyllo's team is to attain its goals via an eco-friendly production and to have green end products.

social & environmental impact
7.500 kg of olive leaves

This is the amount of the counted waste management, in collaboration with local mills, for the last 2 years.

social & environmental impact
1.320 kg of olive wood

Recycling and creative management of olive wood. These woods are used as base for the unique creations in order to be replaced the non eco-friendly materials.

social & environmental impact
22.000 € donations of products

The unique creations have been donated to organizations with the aim of promoting innovation, Greek culture and art.

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