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ECOSTEM - KEY project (code 2022-2-МК01-КА210-SCH-000100728) is a small-scale partnership of 4 different countries with different qualifications in a project they will cooperate in together to achieve the project objectives. The full title of the project is One Planet - One Destination - Restoring the Ecosystem. The project aims to use innovative practices to stop the environmental damage and eventually to reverse it, based on the UN SDG 15. Environmental education for sustainable development includes: - education about the environment, - education within the environment and - educational approaches for the environment. Moreover,...

Wasteless; Waste Less, Recycle More!

The project Wasteless; Waste Less, Recycle More! (code 2021-2-DE03- KA210-SCH-000048458) aims to improve the attitude of young people - teenagers (target group 12-18 years) towards the environment. Furthermore, the partners will differentiate the techniques of achieving the goals and they will improve the quality of education in practice. Through the program, strategies will be achieved for the integration of the partners in the community so that create a clean and green living environment, inform on the reduction of waste and how volunteering helps in this. European priority: Environment and fight...

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