social enterprise, circular economy

Education in Circular Economy

The project "Education in the Circular Economy" is a proposal of Liofyllo, that it was included in the context of the call for financial support of investment projects for action 9.v.1.1-a "Support of existing and under establishment Social and Solidarity Economy Agencies (S.S.E.) in Western Greece" within the framework of the Operational Program (ESPA) "Western Greece 2014-2020". In this project, an innovative product is to be developed, from the material which is managed by Liofyllo. The aim is the reduction of the volume of plastic produced as well...

Eco-step Youth recycling environmental impact

Participation in the “EcoStep Youth” program

Alexandra Makrygeorgou, the chairwoman of Liofyllo participated as a keynote speaker at the "EcoStep Youth program”. The event was organized by InterMediaKT in June 2018 and focused on the path from Recycling to Social Entrepreneurship. ( ) Europe faces a dual challenge: A) Environmental: waste generation, depletion of resources, and carbon footprint. The ever-growing problem of overpopulation dictates the rise of environmental consciousness. The intention is the prevention of waste as well as the reuse of human waste. B) Social: economic crisis, rising unemployment, increasing inequalities with...

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