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ECOSTEM - KEY project (code 2022-2-МК01-КА210-SCH-000100728) is a small-scale partnership of 4 different countries with different qualifications in a project they will cooperate in together to achieve the project objectives. The full title of the project is One Planet - One Destination - Restoring the Ecosystem. The project aims to use innovative practices to stop the environmental damage and eventually to reverse it, based on the UN SDG 15. Environmental education for sustainable development includes: - education about the environment, - education within the environment and - educational approaches for the environment. Moreover,...

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Heritage 4 Youth

"Heritage for youth" is a project which aims to foster exchange and dialogue between young people and youth workers. The partners are from 7 different EU countries on the issues of safeguarding and promoting natural and cultural heritage and social inclusion. Specific objectives of the project: To raise awareness of the importance of European cultural heritage To promote young people environmental education, especially ecotourism education for an active citizenship To strengthen the sense of belonging and participation, promoting activities that protect and enhance the common heritage, involving young people...


TEDx Larissa: The theme of this year's event was "Management of Change" (The Space Between). It deals with how: the person experiences change, what feelings are created for him, what expectations he has, the transition from one situation to another and the acceptance of new conditions. In particular, in an era in which technology, new social trends, changes in everyone's inner world, affect our daily life and constantly overturn the previous data. Liofyllo had the role of sponsor. It donated to TEDx Larissa 14 custom made souvenirs for the speakers...

business elite's awards, 40 under 40


The founder of Liofyllo, Alexandra Makrygeorgou, is the one of the entrepreneurs of the 2020 Business Elite’s Awards “40 Under 40”. Business Elite’s Awards is a prestigious program that identifies: outstanding young Executives and Entrepreneurs in the world’s business, visionaries and innovators changing the way that things are done. They are inspiring others and already giving back to their communities and to their own countries. Many thanks to the organization for this distinction! ...

youth entrepreneurship and innovation

the Youth Entrepreneurship & Innnovation Conference

On October 23, 2019, a conference on youth entrepreneurship was organized by the Career Office of the University of Patras. ( ) The convention took place in a crowded student hall of the Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Patras. Liofyllo along with other key players in the startup ecosystem in Patras delivered speeches. Thanks to their empirical experience, they wanted to inspire young people to embark on entrepreneurship by following the hendiatris passion, patience and consistence. ...

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